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What is Radiation?

Radiation is a broadly defined term meaning energy in motion. Heat, light, radio waves, microwaves and other sources are particles in motion. These particles are atomic in size, including electrons, and neutrons, that comprise the atom. When these particles are disrupted dangers of radioactivity may be emitted.

Radioactivity occurs when the nucleus of an atom disintegrates either naturally or artificially induced by nuclear fission either controlled as in the nuclear energy industry or by the atomic bomb. Most radioactive materials emit three basic emissions-alpha, beta and gamma. Alpha rays are least harmful of the three. They can be stopped by a piece of paper. Beta rays can pass through wood. Gamma rays having the shortest wavelength can pass through concrete.

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Where Does Radiation Comes From?

We are all exposed to varying degrees of radiation from T.V. sets, microwaves, radar, possible extended use of cell phones, natural radiation sources such as from the sun and medical radiation treatment. Those people whose jobs require the working in proximity such as nuclear generating facilities are also at risk.


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What Are The symptoms of Radiation poisoning?

The dangers of receiving amounts of harmful radiation or ionizing radiation that is beyond what is considered a safe threshold causes measurable biological changes to develop in the human body. The effects occur to our body cells and to our DNA molecules that serve the reproduction function for healthy people. The body cells associated with reproduction and those found in our bone marrow seem to be most affected. Young children and the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are more prone to bodily harm from radiation beyond safe thresholds.

Symptoms of radiation poisoning or sickness in its’ early stages are
nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fevers and hair loss.

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How Can You Reduce Radiation?

"No amount of radiation is safe. Every dose in an overdose." -Nobel Laureate, George Wald, 1953

In his ebook How to Rid Radiation From the Human Body, Michael Nichols reveals a method that he claims reduces radiation in the human body that was taught to him by a group of Christian monastics. He became friends with them in the late 1970’s and the monastics gave him permission to publish it.  Michael asked them about its’ origins and they stated it was given from person(s) unknown in the United States military. 

The method contained in this ebook has not been tested scientifically for its’ validity. However the author has contacted numerous agencies to propose testing.

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What is Radiation?

What is Radioactivity?

Dangers of Ionizing Radiation?

What are Safe Levels of Exposure to Radiation?

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how to rid radiation from the human body

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